House Guide

Welcome to The Canada House. First things first, please be mindful of the community and neighbours. During the COVID pandemic a lot of visitors to Prince Edward County were disrespectful. Be kind, wave to neighbours and treat the area and house with the respect that you would give your own home. Instead of referring to yourself as renters, refer to yourself as guests of Julie and Jeremy :). Also please familiarize yourself with the local Noise By-Law (View By-Law No. 143)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us, we check the email frequently:

Important Doc: STA Licence Document (PDF)

What to Bring

We’ve done our best to equip the house with everything you need to enjoy your stay, including bathing towels, swimming towels and bed linens. All you’ll need to worry about is your food and any condiments etc. that you may need. Please be prepared to bring food and condiments home.

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage collected Tuesday morning, recycling is collected Thursday morning. Please leave your garbage and recycling at the end of the lane, just off the road by 7am in the morning.

Each large black bag of garbage requires a garbage tag, which are located in the drawer under the microwave

The garbage and recycling routine: The garbage and recycling is located at the last drawer in the kitchen to the right of the sink. As those bags become fill please take bags to the small garage attached to the house. Just inside the garage, to the right of the sliding door there are large black garbage bags to put in the three garbage bins, from there you can put the smaller kitchen and bathroom bags in those bags. Once one of those bags are filled they can be sealed and tagged. Please keep lids on garbage at all times. The recycling bags go into the blue bins.

For the garbage and recycling accumulated from Tuesday morning to Thursday morning (ideally one bag white bag of garbage and one blue recycling bag), please tie up and leave them in one of the blue bins in the small garage on your way out.


The address is 286 Hull Rd, Prince Edward, Ontario.

Map from Toronto:
Map from Ottawa:
Map from Montreal:

Check In / Check Out

Check in time: 4:00pm
Check out time: 10:00am

This schedule allows us to clean and prepare the house for our next guests.


Please keep cars on gravel driveway. Ideally no more than three cars.

Front Door Passcode

Passcode: The code was provided in your arrival detail email. Touch the Yale logo and punch in code and then touch the checkmark to unlock. It may take you a couple of tries to get the hang of it.

To lock the door, touch and hold the Yale logo at the top of the unit until you heard it lock. Check to see if it locked before leaving.

Front Door Exterior Light

Please leave the light switch for the front door exterior light in the on position. The light switch can be found in between the front door and front closet. The light bulbs will automatically come on when the sun goes down and turn off again for the sun comes up.

Fire Extinguisher

There is a fire extinguisher located under the kitchen sink.

First-Aid Kit

There is a first-aid kit located in the upstairs bathroom drawer.

Toilets (Only Toilet Paper)

PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING DOWN THE TOILET OTHER THAN TOILET PAPER. The house is on a septic tank and can't handle feminine napkins, tampons, baby wipes etc.

House Temperature

The house temperature is set to be what we think is a comfortable temperature. If you'd like to change the temperature, the thermostat is located in the dining area. Just slide your finger along the right side of the circle. If you have any questions, just shoot us an email and we can change it remotely.

Internet and TV

The internet is something we like to call ‘country’ internet so please keep heavy streaming to a minimum.

Wifi Network: BELL828
Wifi Password: 69CCFD5F

For the upstairs and downstairs TV, use the Samsung remote to turn on. Press the home button to bring up available apps. Arrows through to select the app. For the upstairs TV you can also use the cable Bell television. To do so, select the Bell app and then use the Bell remove to press select to bring up channel guide.

Sonos Speaker

The Sonos Move speaker is wireless and can be moved around. If you bring it outside please keep in the shade and keep the volume at a respectable volume. After use please keep on the charge station.

Kitchen and Food

When in the country, it's always best to put all food away at night. Avoid leaving food out on the counter. When leaving please bring all the food that you've brought with you. The toaster is located in the cupboard, we also recommend putting it away after use.

Water and Water Consumption

The house water comes from a well, as such, please keep showers short and conserve consumption where possible. Water is drinkable but if you’d like to drink slightly filter water, use the water tap on fridge.


The windows that you can open are listed below, please keep all crank windows closed and each windows not mentioned closed along (we are aware of the cracks in the front bay window and are waiting on a replacement):

Living Room: Window to the left of the fireplace and deck screen door
Primary Bedroom: Both windows.
Basement: Bedroom window and three windows at the front of the house.

Bedding, Towels and General Supplies

Please be mindful of the use of towels and linens. We appreciate you trying your best to reuse towels to save on laundry. All linens, bedding, towels and general supplies (bath and cleaning) can be found in the Primary Bedroom closet. There are also bathing towels in the drawer in the upstairs bathroom. All other cleaning supplies can be found under the kitchen sink and in the storage unit next to the walk-out door in the basement.

BBQ and Propane

Don't leave BBQ unattended. Please leave BBQ temperature to medium to low to avoid grease flames. As a reminder there is a fire extinguisher below the kitchen sink. To turn on the BBQ, turn on gas tank below, and turn on the ignitor burner (it’s labeled). Turn off tank when finished using. If you run out of propane there’s an extra tank in the small garage attached to the house (enter through the sliding door at back). If you empty a propane tank during your stay please let us know. BBQ utensils can be found in the kitchen.

Pool and Hot Tub

Please be safe around the Pool and Hot Tub area and don’t leave children unattended. Pool inflatables and toys can be found in the small garage attached to the house, there is also a pump for the inflatables. Every week St. Lawrence Pools comes to check on the pool and hot tub. If you notice anything that seems off please let us know and we will have them come. At times it may need more chlorine but we can direct you on adding some if necessary. If you notice any leaves etc. in the pool, feel free to use the pool net to clear the pool.

Please do your best to keep children out of the hot tub as it’s not ideal for children. To use the hot tub, undo the clips at the side of the pool facing the yard, use two people to remove the top of the Hot Tub and lean it up against the deck fence (Put top back on and secure clips again when not in use). You can turn the jets on using the control panel. Ideal temperature is 100 degrees. If you notice the water level has become low in the hot tub (below top jet), you can use the red bucket in the Primary Bedroom closet to add water from the kitchen sink. If you plan to go to the beach, please do your best to rinse off sand at the beach and not in the pool or hot tub.

Games and Puzzles

A selection of games and puzzles can be found downstairs in the dry bar storage.

Corn Hole

There is a wood corn hole set in the small garage attached to the house. Please put back in garage when finished for the day as it cannot be left in the rain.


We have a collection of B-Yoga yoga mats and accessories in the basement. Please be sure to clean down after use.

Fire Pit

You will be require to obtain a Vacation Rental Permit for each fire you have. To do so follow these steps:

1. Visit
2. Enter our Property Code: 1409630010

Note: If the online system is down call 1-833-376-1011

Important Doc: STA Burn Permit (PDF)

Please be careful when using the fire pit. If it’s windy please avoid starting a fire. We suggest filling up the metal bucket with water found in the small garage attached to the house and bringing it with you to the fire when using the fire pit. This will be used to put out the fire when you are finished. There is a fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink. There may be some firewood at the back of the house but you will most likely need to buy a bundle in town. There also may be some paper in the small garage attached to the house along with marshmallow rostering sticks. In the drawers underneath the microwave there are flame starters. We have a burn permit printed at the house but again you will need to obtain a guest permit, per use by following the directions above. Familiarize yourself with he local Burn By-Law (By-Law No. 77)

Interior Fireplace

This is our magic fireplace. It uses evaporated water to create the illusion of a burning fire. The remote for the fireplace can be found on the shelve above the stove. Just click the power button and in 2-5 minutes you can see the magic happen. Fireplace is child safe and doesn’t produce any heat but please still keep children from playing around it.

Basement Walk-Out (Emergency Exit)

Please keep this door closed and locked and don’t use the walk-out area for arrival and departing, only use for emergency purposes. Also please don’t turn off the light switch next to the walk-out door (not the one that works the ceiling lights).

Babies and Kids

There is a pack and play if needed in the basement. A thicker mattress for the pack and play can be found in the drawer of the storage unit next to the walk-out basement door. There are also a few toys in the basement.

Laundry Room

The Laundry room is located in the basement next to the dry bar. When finished with the washer please leave the top up and when finished with the dryer please empty out the lint tray.

Lawn Care

Occasionally our grass cutter will be by to cut the grass.

'Checking Out'

Please leave house and outdoor area in a clean, tidy respectful way (place things in the spots they belong). We appreciate it and so do our cleaning staff. Be sure you have all your belongings and have signed out of any of the TV apps you have used. As a reminder, to lock the door, touch and hold the Yale logo until you hear the door lock.

Thank You!

Thank you for being our guest, we hope you enjoy your stay! Email us if you need anything:

Products Featured at The Canada House

If you have questions about the products featured in the house drop us a line.

Bedframes - Quagga Designs
Mattresses - Endy
Linens and Bedding - Au Lit Fine Linens
Throw Cushions - Province of Canada
Art Prints - Province of Canada
Hooks and Bedroom Shelve - Kroft
Household and Bathroom Soap - The Unscented Company
Yoga Mats and Accessories - B Yoga
Large Round Coffee Tables - Found